Cable Management

Ukhuni’s reticulation systems have been developed for boardroom tables, office desks and collaboration areas, and can be customised and designed for reception areas as well as training venues, canteen and waiting room areas. We offer sophisticated solutions to furniture-based cable reticulation and management through a comprehensive range of dedicated power distribution and cable support systems.

Horizontal Cable Management

The Snaik is manufactured from a light, durable plastic that can bend and shift to suit any environment.

Vertical Cable Management

The slinky is appropriate for vertical cable management applications and environments. It is manufactured from a durable plastic and is similar to a spine.

Power Chanel

A power channel provides a workstation with a cable management system for wiring and plug sets.

Monitor Arm

A monitor arm provides the user with more desk space, and reduces the discomfort in the neck and the lumbar region from poor posture.

CPU Holder

The CPU holder is attached to the underside of the worktop, and not on the floor, allowing for more mobility and increased accessibility.

Power Sets

An integrated system allowing for various power solutions available at a workstation. Power set cables are available in various sizes, depending on the input and power supply required.

Power Panel

Power panels are designed for maximum flexibility and minimum exposure of cables, neatening the environment.

Power Pole

Power is designed for cable management from the ceiling to the workstations.

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