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Why Not South African?

South Africa is known for its eclectic mix of people, cultures, traditions and styles. The WHYn?t range evokes a true sense of vernacular design flavour and captures the warmth associated with South African mid-century modern design, making the office more homely considering the substantial amount of hours one spends at work.

Design Concept

On the streets of South Africa and throughout the country, we are exposed to unique, beautiful and unforgettable moments, images and scenery. Experiencing these moments creates a sentimental yearning for the happiness associated with a past memory or experience, ultimately forming the feeling of nostalgia. Used in furniture design, nostalgia appeals to the user on an emotive level. No matter how much technology advances and the modern world progresses, the notion of longing, remains an essential human condition. It is therefore nostalgia and recognisable products, places and themes from South Africa that inspired the WHYn?t design.

WHYn?t is designed to sit equally well at home, in a guesthouse in the Karoo, placed in a shebeen in Gugulethu or standing proud in the offices of a prestigious law firm in Sandton. The range incorporates South African aesthetic, local materials and construction methods to reveal the home grown flavour of the range.


Over the past decade a combination of wood and metal have become a signature of South African furniture design. The material choices for WHYn?t have therefore been considered thoroughly to translate this South African influence. You will find the range incorporates two species of timber namely Brown Kiaat and Jacaranda. These timber choices are not only rigid for quality and luxurious in texture but also provides a strong emotional attachment to South Africa. Copper was chosen as the primary metal resource. Since the earliest times humanity has had a strong relationship with copper, it being one of the first metals man could manipulate, resulting in a metal material that modern society cannot live without.

The strongest personality trait of the WHYn?t range is however found in the fabric choice, upholstery and stitching detail. Each piece can be dressed up or down giving the range its multi-location appeal.

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