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Ukhuni has assumed responsibility for every aspect of its production process, including research and development, design, manufacture, logistics and installation. To Ukhuni, the importance of design and innovation cannot be underestimated. To this end, they have invested significantly in South African industrial designers, including Brian Steinhobel (Skala). Using only the best South African product from established and long-standing suppliers, Ukhuni genuinely manufactures locally and is not reliant on the importation of product. Through the control of its own processes, Ukhuni truly puts its money where its mouth is and can therefore guarantee competitive prices, quality, delivery and installation of its products.


    Ukhuni owns its own factory and warehouse, a space of 12000m2 located in Wynberg, Johannesburg. In excess of 15000 workstations and 14000 chairs are produced through these facilities annually.

    Orders are all processed via a central database. This allows for a secure structure for referencing future recurring orders, and ensures continuity. All scheduled orders are processed by qualified draftsmen.

    Ukhuni’s factory uses 8 European CNC machines, guaranteeing accuracy and superior quality. These machines are managed, monitored and calibrated on a daily basis, and are operated by highly skilled individuals. The manufacturing plant also includes other critical machinery, including beam saws, edging machines and polyurethane machines.

    Stringent quality control systems are in place, and drive the success of the Ukhuni factory.

    The manufacturing facility is streamlined to handle high volumes of work, without compromising on its ability to simultaneously handle smaller projects. Factory staff is trained with a view to being able to work across multiple departments. Ongoing training and development, with a view to maintaining its exceptional staff retention, is Ukhuni’s primary objective.







  • Logistics and Distribution

    The objective of Ukhuni’s logistics team is to deliver a quality product, and ensure a painless, punctual and efficient installation in the most productive manner possible.

    Ukhuni owns its own fleet of trucks, and has the capacity for both localised and long-haul deliveries.

    Assuming responsibility for storing, packaging, loading, delivering and installing workstations and chairs, Ukhuni’s product and guarantee is sound.

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